Top 10 Tips for eating out with Kids

Dining out with little ones can be fun for all the family and great practice for future little diners. To remove the sometimes chaos make sure you do your research and go prepared.

Top 10 Little Eats tips for eating out are:

  1. Check out your venue first – Go to Little Eats ( and find a cafe or restaurant that meets your family’s requirements. They have a full review and photos of each cafe as well as a checklist detailing their child-friendly facilities such as play areas, highchairs, kids menus and more.
  2. Choose your timing – avoid the busiest times and take advantage of specials when you eat dinner early. Many restaurants have ‘free children’s meal deals’ if you eat before 6 or 7pm.
  3. Check out the menu online – decide what you and your little ones would like to eat in advance. We all know what its like waiting for food with a cranky child. If there are no options suitable for your little ones, bring your own.
  4. BYO entertainment – iPad, colouring books, crayons and toys. Anything your little ones enjoy and will keep them amused.
  5. BYO snacks – bring a variety of snacks with you to help fill in time whilst you wait for your food to arrive.
  6. BYO your own ‘eating stuff’ – cutlery, drink bottles, bibs, plastic bowls and wipes. You know the drill from dinner time at home.
  7. Watch wandering hands – move glasses and cutlery out of reach when you arrive at your table.
  8. Take little trips – little ones are not equipped to spend long periods sitting at a table. Take walks outside, to a play area or even to the bathroom to make the experience more fun.
  9. Don’t be afraid – the more you take your little ones out with you, the better they will become.
  10. If your child becomes distressed, take them outside to calm down. If that doesn’t work, leave a tip and get out of there!

Good Luck!!